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Public institution “Skaitmenine statyba” (“Digital Construction”) is an organization that joins associations of Lithuanian construction sector and coordinates the digitalization process of Lithuanian construction.

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Public institution “Skaitmenine statyba” was founded on March 5, 2014 by 13 associations:

Lithuanian Builders Association
Lithuanian Roads Association
Lithuanian Association of Consulting Companies
Lithuanian Architects Chamber
Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers
Lithuanian Electricity Association
Lithuanian Association of Land Reclamation Enterprises
National Passive House Association
Project Expertise and Fire Safety Companies Association
Association of Buildings Certification Experts
Building Product Testing Laboratory Association
“Structural engineers club”
Lithuanian EPS Association

Main directions:
• BIM (Building Information Modeling)
• Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)
• National Construction Classification

On Development of BIM Methodology and Digital Construction in Lithuania over the Period 2014-2020 (pdf)


Current state / News

October 2017

• Public institution “Skaitmeninė statyba” looking for possibilities to change 'observer' status into 'member' status in the buildingSMART Nordic chapter. Discussion with Estonian and Latvian organizations in progress.

• Public organization team operation at Lithuanian Standardization Department technical committee “Building information modeling” TK88 in progress. Participation in European technical committee CEN/TC 442.

• RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) documents were translated and introduced to various associations of Lithuanian construction industry to discuss the possibility of changing the model of building design and construction process in Lithuania and adapting the model to comply with BIM.

• Developed 3 BIM competency profiles: BIM specialist; BIM Coordinator; BIM Manager

• Started organizing BIM training in Lithuania

• Developing and seeking to implement BIM competency evaluation and certification in Lithuania.


April 2017

The most important event of the year for "Digital Construction" is an essential part of RESTA - the annual expo of construction. During the expo "Digital Construction", together with Lithuanian Builders Association, organized an international conference "Digital construction 2017. Vilnius".

The conference aimed to discuss the possibilities and challenges within developments of digital construction and Building Information Modelling (BIM). The focus of „Digital Construction 2017. Vilnius“ - BIM’s value throughout the building life cycle, facility management as well as the benefits for customers, practical experience.
This year a broad range of internationally acclaimed speakers shared their experience. Professionals from Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain and various experts from Lithuania covered all of the most important topics of BIM.
During RESTA 2017, "Digital construction" also organized "Lithuanian BIM Awards 2017", during which winners were selected in 6 categories. In total there were 20 different projects. The awards were orginezed for the second time.
The presentations of the conference are available online, please find them HERE.
April 2016
April 2016 was very important to "Digital Construction". The most significant event was being a part of the main annual event of construction business in the Baltic countries - 23rd international exhibition of construction and renovation - RESTA 2016, the main focus this year was - smart and digital. "Digital Construction" was an active participant in organizing the event, also companies presented their BIM and other smart solutions in the area of  "Digital Construction" stands. "Digital Construction" organized a conference on the same topic - "Digital Construction 2016. Vilnius".

An audience of almost 400 attendees listened to the experts from  all over the world. This year's special guest Victor Khoo came to Vilnius from Singapore, he presented semantics for 3D cadastre in Singapore. There was also presenters from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and of course - Lithuania.

During RESTA 2016, "Digital construction" also organized "Lithuanian BIM Awards 2016", during which winners were carefully selected in 6 categories. In total there were 19 projects.

October 2015

On 1 October in Vilnius city Municipality and international conference "BIM Regional Developments 2015. Vilnius" took place. It was organized by public institution “Skaitmeninė Statyba” and Lithuanian Builders Association. Speakers from Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom attended the conference. It was the 2nd conference as the 1st one was held last year. This year the conference focused on national achievements and actualities developing BIM, possibilities of conciliated decision making, possibilities to develop BIM jointly on the “Rail Baltica” project. The audience of the conference consisted of about 150 persons. 

“BIM Regional Developments” together with conference “Digital Construction”, which is being held annually on April, are the main and biggest events with the topic of digital construction and BIM in Lithuania

September 2015

Government of the Republic of Lithuania officially agreed to the initiative to digitalize Lithuanian construction sector. The implemention model and plan of actions is now to be discussed and confirmed.

May 2015

Public institution "Skaitmeninė statyba" was approved as an observer in buildingSMART Nordic.

April 2015

On 24th of April 2015 public institution “Skaitmeninė Statyba” together with Lithuanian Builders Association held a traditional annual conference to discuss the development of digital construction and BIM in Lithuania.

“Digital construction 2015. Vilnius” was the 4th conference (1st was held in 2012) with speakers from Lithuania, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

„Digital construction 2015. Vilnius“ covered such topics as the strategy of digitalising construction in Lithuania; best practises developing competitiveness and effectiveness, stimulating export; new competences for digital construction.

Approximately 200 participants yearly take part in the conference. This year the event maintained the number of audience. Lithuania sustain a significant demand from the market of such events to persist.

Presentations of the conference.

November 2014


On 27th November 2014 public body “Skaitmeninė Statyba”, together with Committee on Environment Protection of Parliament of Lithuania and Lithuanian Builders Association, held a conference “BIM Regional Developments” to discuss the development of digital construction (BIM) in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Russia, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Finland.
The main topics of the conference were construction industry challenges; BIM needs, aims and possibilities; existing BIM initiatives; resources and cooperation possibilities.

After all presentations and discussion a resolution, promoting regional and international cooperation in developing BIM, was signed. The resolution stated that:
1) It is practicable to establish and implement the BIM methodology in the fields of construction and infrastructure as the joint efforts of countries that accept this resolution in the Baltic Sea region by applying best practices of the leading economies;
2) To encourage regional and international cooperation by exchanging the BIM development experience;
3) To establish and implement the system of training and continuing professional development for BIM specialists, to conduct public education and promotion.
 To prepare and implement the regional cooperation project for the fulfilment of the aforementioned objectives through the exchange of the BIM development experience and best practices involving representatives of the region and assistance of partners from leading West European countries.

Photos from the conference.
Presentations of the conference.

Video of the conference:







September 2014

Public body “Skaitmenine statyba” formed a team for implementing BIM in Lithuania. The team consists of over 90 specialists from the fields of construction business, science and education, IT and authorities. These persons now work in 11 working groups, each dedicated for a topic, inherent to implemention of BIM:

1. Preparing BIM requirements and standarts, used in digital construction;
1.1. Preparing of guides;
1.2. Adapting IFC in Lithuania;
2. Defining statistical index of development of digital construction and describing monitoring index of BIM environment;
3. Adapting and analyzing the adjustment of methodology of digital construction and integration with current system of law and regulations of the Republic of Lithuania;
4. Forming and developing the structure of national classification and systems of coding; compatibility and integration with EU;
4.1. Forming and describing of updating order of the structure of classification and coding system, catalogues of data bases;
4.2. Compatibility and integration of national and EU data bases, administrating and describing the order of usage of data bases;
5. Forming, developing, administrating and describing the order of usage of information and communication technologies infrastructure of digital construction;
6. Publicity, dissemination of the results of good practice, creating image of the public body;
7. Regional cooperation for developing BIM;
8. Originating and certificating of BIM studies program, organizing of studies in high schools and informal training, validation of qualification, preparing of certification methodics, organizing of certification of participants of construction process, BIM project managers;
9. Preparing of legal regulation of organizing public procurement in accordance with BIM. 


July 2014

Public body “Skaitmeninė statyba” prepares documents which are important for the activity of organization and which lay down the guidelines for the future.

A study of possibilities of implementing digital construction in Lithuanian business, science and public procurement was carried out and the outcomes were used to build up roadmaps of developing BIM methodology and digital construction in Lithuania.

Short-term roadmap was developed for the period 28/04/2014 – 30/03/2015. A project of guidelines of developing digital construction in Lithuania over period 2014-2020 was also created (you can find the documents above).

Public body “Skaitmeninė statyba” also forms working groups from the specialists of digital construction to work with different topics such as: standarts of BIM, integration of digital construction with the system of laws of Republic of Lithuania, development of National Construction Classification, infrastructure of IT, public communication activities, regional co-operation, studies program related to the usage of BIM, organization of public procurement ir regard of BIM, etc.


May 2014

On 25th April 2014 an annual international conference “Digital Construction” took place in Vilnius for the third time. Presentations were made by speakers from Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Finland and Lithuania. The conference was attended by appr. 200 listeners from public authorities, associations, institutions of science and education, business.

Preperation of Lithuanian construction sector for the digital construction activities was presented in the conference, guest speakers from more advanced countries in the field of digital construction introduced foreign experience, both external and internal perspectives of instilling digital processes were presented.


April 2014

Director of public body "Skaitmeninė statyba" Dalius Gedvilas met with guests from Poland and discussed questions related to implementation of digital constructio in Lithuania, Poland, Belarus adn Latvia.

A short summary of the discussion:
1) At the beginning of the discussion director of public body “Skaitmeninė statyba” and president of Lithuanian Builders Association Mr. Dalius Gedvilas introduced the public body and Lithuanian Builders Association, partners both in Lithuania and abroad. Mr. D. Gedvilas also introduced plans and visions of implementing BIM methodology in Lithuania;
2) Guests from Poland introduced the situation and problems of implementing BIM methodology in Poland, talked about organization that will be founded to develop digital construction in Poland;
3) A discussion took place after that. Participants exchanged their opinions on possibilities of uniting actions and developing national construction classification with unified base (unified system of coding) in all neighboring countries, using the same platform, coordinating activity at the state level. Information about prospective events of public body “Skaitmeninė statyba” in Lithuania and neighboring countries was presented.

Participants of the meeting: Mr. Dalius Gedvilas (director of public body “Skaitmeninė statyba” and president of Lithuanian Builders Association), Prof. dr. Leonas Ustinovičius (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University), Dr. Vladimiras Popovas, Mr. Romas Rasiulis (director of „Geležinkelių projektavimas“ Ltd), Mr. Paul Nowak, Ph.D. (Warsaw University of Technology), Mr. Henryk L.Zobel, Ph.D. (Warsaw University of Technology), Mr. Andrzej Minasowicz, Ph.D. (Polish Association of Building Managers), inz. Mieczyslaw Grodzki, Mr. Kazimierz Loniewski and other guests. 


March 2014

A study of possibilities of implementing digital construction in Lithuanian business, science and public procurement is being prepared and good foreign practice is being appraised.
The main aim of the study is to provide for fundamental progressive organizational technologic forms of digital construction and systematic preparation for construction and possible guidelines and alternatives for their development in Lithuania. It will be done on the basis of research on current situation, experience and needs in the field of digital construction.
The study will help to determine a model of implementing digital construction in Lithuania. The end of study – 28 April, 2014.