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About us

Public institution “Skaitmenine statyba” (“Digital Construction”) is an organization that joins associations of Lithuanian construction sector and coordinates the digitalization process of Lithuanian construction.

  • Lithuanian Construction Association
  • Lithuanian Roads Association
  • Lithuanian Association of Engineering Consulting Companies
  • Architects’ Chamber of Lithuania
  • Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers
  • Lithuanian Electricity Association
  • Lithuanian Association of Land Reclamation Enterprises
  • National Passive House Association
  • Project Expertise and Fire Safety Companies Association
  • Association of Buildings Certification Experts
  • Building Product Testing Laboratory Association
  • “Structural engineers club”
  • Lithuanian EPS Association

Lithuanian representative at buildingSMART Nordic since 2015.

  • To form a single information structure and coding (classification system) of the construction sector; to create an e-environment and to ensure preconditions for improving labour productivity in the business enterprises of the Lithuanian construction sector;


  • To analyse the e-solutions of digital construction available in the world, the EU and Lithuania. To select the most appropriate solutions and to apply them to the Lithuanian market in order to integrate a single classification system into these solutions;


  • To develop and promote the experience of e-entrepreneurship in the Lithuanian construction sector; to promote the introduction and use of already available digital construction e-solutions and to create new ones;


  • To develop international cooperation; to promote local and international relations among
    business and educational establishments with a view to developing digital construction


  • To carry out the activities of education and training in the area of digital construction solutions;


  • Etc.
Dalius Gedvilas

Director of Public institution “Skaitmeninė statyba“

Donatas Aksomitas dr. Tatjana Grigorjeva Dainius Gudavičius
dr. Darius Migilinskas dr. Vladimir Popov dr. Darius Pupeikis dr. Vaidotas Šarka