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Construction Companies Using BIM

This list includes companies whose ability to create digital models of construction projects has been assessed by a commission convened by Skaitmeninė statyba in the competition “Lithuanian BIM Projects”.

A. Vyšniausko architektų dirbtuvė Architect services, interior, building, plot projects.
Baltic Engineers Provides area planning, design, project management and engineering consulting services.
Baltisches Haus Real estate project developer and manager.
City projects Performs building design works both in Lithuania and in other countries, provides real estate development and related consulting services.
Conresta General contractor and construction services company.
Descon Technical and cost-effective solutions for creating unique buildings in a BIM environment. Applies BIM technologies in the building design process.
Droneteam Drones: remote controlled flights, autonomous flights, photogrammetric 3D modeling from space photographs, infrastructure inspection and other services.
EIKA One of the largest groups of real estate development and construction companies in Lithuania, the EIKA group of companies currently consists of UAB Eika and UAB Eikos statyba.
Enerstena Implements biomass technologies; has developed its own technology, set up a science and research center.
Enerstenos projektavimas Provides engineering services related to the construction of residential and non-residential buildings and engineering structures.
Gedimino Jurevičiaus studija Architectural design.
Grinda Maintains and operates rainwater networks.
Hnit-Baltic Computer software development, telecommunications, means of communication.
IN RE Implements modern information technologies and practical applications in the fields of automated design, production preparation and technological process management, developing and servicing construction, industrial and infrastructure facilities and engineering systems.
INHUS Engineering Provides building design services.
YIT Kausta Creates an attractive and sustainable urban environment, builds residential houses, business premises and creates a convenient infrastructure.
JP architektūra United Forces Group Company. Works in the fields of urban planning, architecture and engineering.
Kelprojektas The largest group of transport infrastructure engineering companies in the Baltic States.
Komplegra The company provides building design services: – Technical projects, – Work projects, – Existing building research, – Large-scale object design, – Subcontracting services for design companies, and other design services.
Litana ir Ko Provides contractor services in the field of shipbuilding and repair.
MEPCO The company’s activities are the design of engineering building systems and building energy.
Merko statyba Provision of general construction services, construction project management and development of real estate projects in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Naresta One of the largest general contractors in Lithuania, providing construction, renovation, restoration and interior decoration services.
Panevėžio keliai One of the largest road and railway construction companies with Lithuanian capital in the Baltic States.
Panevėžio statybos trestas The main area of activity of the Company and its subsidiaries (Group) is the design and construction of various buildings, structures, equipment and communications and other objects in Lithuania and abroad, real estate development.
Peikko Lietuva Reinforced concrete joints and general purpose composite structures for both precast and monolithic reinforced concrete.
Projektai ir Co Design, surveying and other services. Buildings, engineering structures, water management, energy.
SRP Projektas Preparation of transport infrastructure projects (roads, streets and their intersections).
Staticus The company’s areas of activity are the design, manufacture and installation of aluminum-glass, frameless glass and ventilated facade structures.
Statybų inžinerinės paslaugos Certified company providing consulting in the fields of construction, energy efficiency and environmental protection.
Statybų lyga Wooden trusses, beams, frames, hangars – design, production. Panel, log, frame and other types of wooden houses – design, production, construction and consultations.
Sweco Lietuva Plans and designs future cities and their communities, provides high quality services in the fields of engineering consulting, environmental technology and architecture.
TOPHAUS Real estate and its administration, coordination of construction projects, maintenance of building construction works, design and consulting, construction works, production and installation of aluminum and glass structures.
Ugira The company’s designers develop integrated BIM projects for all engineering parts, which cover the entire life cycle of a building – from the initial idea, design, construction to the operation and demolition of the building.
Unitectus The portfolio of works consists of many building projects for various purposes: shopping centers, administrative buildings, etc.
Veikmės projektai Design and territorial planning of individual and multi-apartment residential houses, administrative, commercial, industrial and public buildings, as well as project implementation supervision, engineering consultations.
Vilniaus architektūros studija Architect services, complex design of buildings, projects of renovated buildings, preparation of territorial planning and landscape projects, layout of technological equipment.
Atamis Company providing design, preparation of territorial planning documents, consulting services.
TEC Infrastructure Design, consulting, maintenance services in the field of transport infrastructure.
VILNIAUS PLANAS Software consultancy and supply. Data processing. Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy.
Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas A leader in technology in Lithuania, uniting almost 100,000 community members, students, graduates and employees.