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6th conference on Digital construction took place in Vilnius
2017 May 10

The most important event of the year for “Digital Construction” is an essential part of RESTA – the annual expo of construction. During the expo “Digital Construction”, together with Lithuanian Builders Association, organized an international conference “Digital construction 2017. Vilnius”.

The conference aimed to discuss the possibilities and challenges within developments of digital construction and Building Information Modelling (BIM). The focus of „Digital Construction 2017. Vilnius“ – BIM’s value throughout the building life cycle, facility management as well as the benefits for customers, practical experience.

This year a broad range of internationally acclaimed speakers shared their experience. Professionals from Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain and various experts from Lithuania covered all of the most important topics of BIM.

During RESTA 2017, “Digital construction” also organized “Lithuanian BIM Awards 2017”, during which winners were selected in 6 categories. In total there were 20 different projects. The awards were orginezed for the second time.

The presentations of the conference are available online, please find them HERE.

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