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Winners of “BIM Project of the Year 2019”
2019 June 06

For the fourth consecutive year Public institution “Skaitmeninė statyba” („Digital Construction“)  together with Lithuanian Construction Association, organized the prestigious building community‘s contest “BIM Project of the Year 2019”. The contest is designed to select the best practice of Lithuanian companies using BIM technologies and methodology. 25 BIM projects were presented to the jury and winners were selected in 8 categories.

During the last four years, 90 BIM projects, implemented by Lithuanian companies, were submitted for the contest BIM Project of the Year.

Winners of “BIM Project of the Year 2019” are the following:

The best BIM project of manufacturing buildings – „Continental Automotive Lithuania“, Kaunas („Baltic Engineers”, „Inhus Engineering”)

The best BIM project of engineering networks –wastewater treatment systems, Vilnius („Sweco Lietuva“, „Grinda“)

The best infrastructure BIM project (other engineering buildings) – open multi-storey car park at Santariškių str., Vilnius („Komplegra“)

The best BIM project abroad – RYHOV hospital, Sweden („Inhus Engineering”)

The best BIM project of public buildings – business centre „3 Burė“, Vilnius (“YIT Lietuva”, “Sweco Lietuva”)

The best BIM project of residential buildings – the residential district „Vilnelės slėnis“, Vilnius („Merko statyba“)

The best BIM project of city design – Panevėžys city digital 3D model (“IN RE”, “IT logika”)

The best BIM project  made by students – holiday center Daugai town, Alytus (Kaunas University of Technology)


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