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Contest “Lithuanian BIM Projects 2021”
2021 February 08

“Digital Construction” is delighted to announce that the traditional building community’s contest “Lithuanian BIM Projects 2021” started this January.

The contest aims to select the best practice of Lithuanian companies using BIM technologies and methodology.

Participants may register their projects for participation in the contest at bimprojects.lt until April 6, 2021.

In the upcoming contest BIM projects will compete in 8 categories: 

🔹 The best BIM project of Public Buildings

🔹 The best BIM project of Residential Buildings

🔹 The best BIM project of Manufacturing Buildings

🔹 The best Infrastructure BIM project

🔹 The best BIM project of Engineering Networks (other Engineering Buildings)

🔹 The best BIM project abroad

🔹 The best BIM project of City Design

🔹 The best BIM project made by students

During the last five years, 115 BIM projects, implemented by Lithuanian companies, were submitted for the contest BIM Project of the Year.


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