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2017 October 31
  • Public institution “Skaitmeninė statyba” looking for possibilities to change ‘observer’ status into ‘member’ status in the buildingSMART Nordic chapter. Discussion with Estonian and Latvian organizations in progress.
  • Operation at Lithuanian Standardization Department technical committee “Building information modeling” TK88 in progress. Participation in European technical committee CEN/TC 442.
  • RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) documents were translated and introduced to various associations of Lithuanian construction industry to discuss the possibility of changing the model of building design and construction process in Lithuania and adapting the model to comply with BIM.
  • Developed 3 BIM competency profiles: BIM specialist; BIM Coordinator; BIM Manager
  • Started organizing BIM training in Lithuania
  • Developing and seeking to implement BIM competency evaluation and certification in Lithuania.
Other actualities
2019 March 27
Conference „Digital Construction 2019. Vilnius“

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2018 March 16
Conference „Digital Construction 2018. Vilnius“. Early bird tickets until 25th March

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